Starting off STRong

I have decided to begin by making note of a few things in the system that stand to be the foundation of the game…stats. For some, this will be nothing new and rather a boring read…but these do play a pivotal role in character creation as well as other game play mechanics.

In Hausbrau RPG (HBRPG), I have taken a rather normal set up of using  4 primary stats. They are,  Strength (STR), Intellect (INT), Agility (AGI), and Constitution (CON). For those of you that have played an RPG, these will not be any different from what you are used to.

But, for those that haven’t, here is a simple break-down of what each stat represents:

  • STR – How strong you are, how hard you can swing a sword.
  • INT – How intelligent you are, and how hard you can focus your magic powers toward your will.
  • AGI – How agile you are. Are you nimble and fleet of foot? Acrobatic? Really good at picking locks?
  • CON- How hearty  you are, and how much physical punishment you are able to take.

These stats are pivotal in making your character for the game, this will be further brought to life in future posts, but suffice it to say, these stats are used to identify your character with their role in the party.

In the coming days and weeks we will continue to step through the introduction of the primary game mechanics, and unfold some of the reasons for my choices…and maybe, if I am lucky, some folks might read some of this for their own enjoyment.


Until next time, be well all.





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