Lesser Abracadabra!!

In my last post, I made a nod to a caveat in the Spell system for HBRPG.  Continue reading



Like most other RPGs, HBRPG has a magic system that is used by both the casters and the Paladin class. Today, I will go over the basics of the Magic system in use with HBRPG, as well as re-visit how a combat round is treated from the caster’s perspective. Continue reading

Current efforts

I am happy to say that I have been working diligently (at least as much as I can) on getting a few posts out in the coming days. 

As time has allowed, I have been working on getting a few things fleshed out in regard to spell mechanics as well as expanding the spell list available in game. I am excited to share, but wanted to offer this primer for the time being to assure anyone following that I have not stopped progress, I just got a little quiet as I got to work.
Keep an eye out in the coming days for a few posts and pages to open up in regards to spells in HBRPG…I am excited to share.

Be well all and thanks for your patience!

A Sharing of Ideas

I often wonder where folks get their ideas for various things. Not just within gaming, but in general. In some cases there is a direct link and you can easily see where it is they would get one idea from something else. In other cases, this is not always true.

I am going to be including in this blog my points of Inspiration as to what led me to parts of the game as they have been known. A lot of my inspiration is drawn directly from other games…so HBRPG in some respects acts like a patchwork blanket, pulling in different pieces  from other systems or even genres of games.

Other points, however, are just heavily influenced by other factors in the gaming world, some are improved upon, and some could argue that other aspects are bastardized to a detriment.

However you may feel, I believe it is still important  to see how different ideas come to life and find their way in to something. These posts will be titles along the lines of “Inspiration: KeyPoint”, where KeyPoint is the topic of which I am speaking. These will also be further identified by using an Inspiration tag, so if anyone cares enough to search via tag can easily find them all in one place.


Be well all.

Master of None?

In this installment, or so I have begun thinking of them, we are going to go over Skills.

Skills in HBRPG work a bit different in that you are able to increase your abilities as you play the game, and not just when you level up your character. As you can expect, skills are used when attempting to perform a certain action in the game.  Continue reading