Dice Basics

Perhaps a point I should have started with is the basics of dice and their use in HBRPG.

HBRPG uses d6s to determine your rolls for everything. Character creation, skill checks, combat, I mean everything.

Most everything in HBRPG uses a 3d6 roll, with some rare exceptions. When looking at the rolling statistics, we see that smaller bonuses, such as a +1 tend to sway the results more heavily. I weighed the pros and cons of each system, and found a few interesting online resources (Stack Exchange is a god send for my work needs, so it only makes sense that there would be one for RPGs, right?). I found this post, and found it quite helpful when deciding what route to take during the early stages of identifying the mechanics.

While the majority of rolls will be 3d6, you will in rare cases need to roll a d3 or d2. As most in the gaming world would know, having a d6 will easily let you make these rolls as well. So that was another benefit, multiple uses for the same die. In order to make these rarer rolls, simply do the following:

For a d2 roll, just roll a d6…A result of 1-3 is a 1, and a result of 4-6 is a 2.

For a d3 roll, just roll a d6…A result of 1-2 is a 1, 3-4 is a 2, and 5-6 is a 3.

Why did I opt for 3d6 vice d20?

I wanted to keep the number of dice variety to a minimum, and also to let folks use some of the more commonly found items from other games should they not have a ton of dice to begin with. The intent was that you don’t need to buy a specific set of dice, you can just use ones you may have available to you from elsewhere.

Additionally, I like the feeling of being able to roll more than one die at a time. I can thank my brief foray into Warhammer 40k for that feeling. Now, don’t get me wrong, the standard 7 set of dice and the set of Funky dice (d30, eh?) will always have a special place in my heart, and in my dice bag. Bu I just felt that for this games’ purpose, it was better to just keep it simple.

Happy rolling and be well.


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