Master of None?

In this installment, or so I have begun thinking of them, we are going to go over Skills.

Skills in HBRPG work a bit different in that you are able to increase your abilities as you play the game, and not just when you level up your character. As you can expect, skills are used when attempting to perform a certain action in the game. 

As with life, you get better and better with each successful attempt at something. Be it playing the guitar, piano, programming, or cooking to name a few. Additionally, even if you make a mistake, you are still improving on an ability…even if it is making a mental note of what NOT to do during your next attempt.

Skills in HBRPG behave in a similar manner. There are a total of 18 Skills, and each of which benefits from one of the Primary Stat modifiers when used. Each Skill also has the ability to be advance throughout the course of your game to allow for Skill bonuses that are further added to Skill rolls. So, your Skill roll formula actually ends up looking something like this:

1d6 + Attribute Bonus + Class Bonus + Skill Level Bonus

Each Skill is able to be leveled up to a maximum bonus of +5 over the course of a campaign by a mechanic i call Skill Points. Each successful check automatically grants the player +1 point to the skill used for the check. Each Skill has a number of Points required to get an additional bonus to their check roll. The GM can determine if a failed roll will still grant a point for the Skill or not. Once a character reaches a +5 skill bonus, the Character is considered a Master of the Skill, and cannot level up the skill any further.

For instance:

A Level 3 Thief is performing a lock picking check. His/Her lock picking skill has a +3 bonus, and has 15 Ticks in the Lock picking Skill. The Thief’s roll succeeds, and the player gains +1 Point which then increases the Lock Picking bonus to +4, since 16 Skill Points are needed to level the Lock Picking Skill. 

I have included the skills table here to show you the skill, a description, the Attribute bonus to add, and the number of Points needed to level the skill.


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