It Takes Class

Like most other games, you, the player, take on the role of a Character. That character has a class or position they fill in the adventuring party. In this post, we will go over each of the classes in HBRPG.

HBRPG uses 6 classes to fill out the ranks of your party. While they are known throughout the RPG gaming world, it is still worth noting some of the special characteristics of each class and the bonuses they can provide. In a future post, we will go over how to create a character, but for now, we will just cover the basics of the classes available.


Description: A magic user that specializes in the healing of the party. They are also keep to identify forces that may oppose the party, and if needed, can dish out some damage during a fight

Class Highlights: Starts with one damaging and one healing spell which can both be used at-will.


Description: A magic user that specializes in bending the force of nature to his/her will. Typically a hermit or outcast, they have spent a majority of their life among the very nature they are able to command.

Class Highlights: Sword and Board, Shield Bash, Charge


Description: A melee combatant that specializes in keeping the attention of the party’s foes. Uses a sword and can wield a shield to grant better protection.

Class Highlights:


Description: A magic user that specializes in the unseen forces of the Arcane. A mage calls upon heavy hitting forces to deal damage to enemies.

Class Highlights:


Description: A hybrid class that mixes the worlds of a fighter and a cleric. He/She acts like a battle medic, able to get into melee combat as well as keeping his friends alive during the fight.

Class Highlights: Lay on Hands, Healing Ward, Taunt


Description: A melee-based class that specializes in the art of subtlety. A master of guise, guile, stealth, and breaking and entering.

Class Highlights: Backstab, Poisoned Blades.

The Class section of the HBRPG core rules is now  available in the Site Navigation, or by clicking here.


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