What a Character

We have now covered practically everything you need to know in order to create a character of your very own. In this post, we are going to go over a few other details as to how to fully flesh out your character that you can play in game. 

First, some definitions that are typically used across all RPGs, but are worth noting, since they will help comprise your character.

Hit Points (HP) – Hit points indicate how much damage you can take while in combat, or in some cases when falling from a height.

Saving Throws – These are a means by which your character attempts to not be hit by certain effects, or attacks. You roll to see if you are able to save yourself from the event occurring.

Armor Class (AC) -This indicates how much damage can be absorbed by your armor, and sparing your HP from dropping too low (more in the forthcoming combat section).

Now, we need to make a character. Unlike the majority of RPGs, your class is assigned to you via rolling up your initial stats. The highest roll will indicate the class you play, as seen in the table below. Perform the following to create your character, there are more steps in the document, but since we haven’t covered everything just yet, we will stick to what we already know for now.

  1. Roll 3d6 four times in a row and note the values on your character sheet.
  2. Your class is determined by the highest rolled stat found in the table below.
  3. Note your Attribute Modifiers on your character sheet.
  4. Determine your Hit Points (HP) by rolling the number of dice identified in your class table.
  5. Note your class modifier and skill bonuses on your character sheet.
  6. Note your character’s special abilities and movement speed on your character sheet.
  7. Note your character’s starting equipment on your character sheet
  8. Roll for gold by rolling the amount of dice identified in your class description.
  9. Give your character a name and backstory.

Like I had said, your class is determined by the 4 attribute rolls from step 1, and the class your character is can be found in the following table:

Highest Rolled Stat Class Assigned
Strength Fighter
Intelligence Cleric, Mage, Druid
Agility Thief
Constitution Paladin

I have opened up the entire Character Creation section of the core rules both in the top menu, or you can just click here




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