En Garde!!

As with most all RPGs, there is more to the game than simply lock picking, and speaking to people…there is a fight to be had somewhere. Which is why today I will touch on Combat and how the fighting rules work in Hausbrau.Combat is a key element to HBRPG, and while there are some familiar themes in the rules, there are others that aren’t as prevalent in the gaming communities.

Players act in initiative order, and the player (or creature) with the highest initiative acts first. You determine initiative by rolling the following:

1d6 + Initiative Bonus (Agility Bonus + Any Class Bonus)

Firstly, rolling for an attack is fairly straight forward. And the rolls below can be used across each of the associated classes.

Melee Attack = 3d6 + Strength Bonus + Class Bonus + Any Gear Bonus

Ranged Attack = 3d6 + Agility Bonus + Class Bonus + Any Gear Bonus

Spell Attack = 3d6 + Intellect Bonus + Class Bonus + Any Gear Bonus

So, the attacker attacks a target…what next? Well, simply put the creature/character being targeted rolls their defense. No really, HBRPG uses a rolled defense to  make combat encounters more random (just like real life, but more on that in a future “Inspiration” post). So, the creature being attacked rolls defense by doing the following:

3d6 + AC + Any Class Bonus

If the attacker’s roll meets or beats the defense roll, then the attack is a hit and damage is roll based on the weapon or spell used. However, if the attack roll does not meet or beat the defense roll, then the attack is considered a miss, and no damage is dealt.

In some cases (such as spells) several attacks can occur during an attack action. In the even of multiple attacks made against the same target, the attacker makes one roll for all attacks. The defender, however, must roll for each attack being made against them. The example below is right from the rules, but I felt it important to solidify the principle here.

A player casts Fireball and targets 2 creatures, the attacker must roll a single attack against each individual target. In return, each target must roll for defense against each Fireball of the attack that has been declared to target them.

And that’s the basics, I have opened up the full Combat section in the top navigation , or if you would like to click through, you can find the combat page here.


Be well all!


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