Like most other RPGs, HBRPG has a magic system that is used by both the casters and the Paladin class. Today, I will go over the basics of the Magic system in use with HBRPG, as well as re-visit how a combat round is treated from the caster’s perspective.

So, how do you cast a spell? Well it is rather easy,  you just need to roll the following:

3d6 + INT Bonus

The spells available in HBRPG are similar to other RPGs on the market today, but some small tweaks have been made to better fit how Spells behave in the hopes of distinguishing their use. Spells are divided into different levels, or tiers.

The higher the level number of a spell means that a few things can be different from the previous level of the same spell. Some of the differences could be the number of objects hurled, the amount of damage done, or even the number of times a caster can cast that spell before a long rest is needed to recover all their spells. (See Resting here).  Below is an example of a spell table associated to the Fireball spell. Note how Level II grants an additional use per day, while Level III grants 1 additional Fireball, and will deal +2 additional Damage.  Each spell will have an entry in the Spells list of the core rules.

Spell Level Fireball By Level Uses Per Day
Level I 2 fireballs are thrown, and deal 2d6 damage each. 1
Level II 2 fireballs are thrown, and deal 2d6 damage each. 2
Level III 3 fireballs are thrown, and deal 2d6+2 damage each. 2
Level IV 4 fireballs are thrown, and deal 3d6 damage each. 3

Admittedly, there is still some balancing to be done for the spells. Level IV above, if left alone, will not only grant 1 additional use, but 1 additional fire ball, and +1d6 from the Level II counterpart. Overpowered? Perhaps, but that is something that I will be working closely with others on to identify how to better balance the spell tiers, as well as everything else.

So in my previous post, we covered the combat system for HBRPG and how attacks work. The example provided here will cover how an attack action will work from the perspective of a caster, and what the player can expect to occur when they cast a spell.

Example 1, using Fireball Level II:

You identify 1 Target to hurl both Fireballs at during a normal combat round.

You roll your attack roll of 3d6 + Intellect Bonus.

The target has to roll 2 defense rolls to see if they can defend against either attack compared to your attack roll.

One Fireball misses, but the other one hits.

You roll damage for one Fireball of 2d6.

You finish out any other action you plan to take during your turn (move action, etc).

Example 2, Using Fireball Level III:

You Identify 2 Targets, you hurl 1 Fireball at Target#1 and 2 at Target#2.

You roll your attack (3d6+INT Bonus) once at both Target#1 and Target#2

Target#1 rolls 1 defense roll, but Target#2 rolls 2 (one for each Fireball being hurled at them).

All 3 Fireballs hit, so you roll 2d6+2 three times (one for each Fireball)

You finish out any other action you plan to take during your turn (move action, etc).

So, how do you level up a spell? Well, that is actually pretty easy. When you level up your character, your class table will indicate how many of each level spell you will know.  When your character is allowed a Level II spell, you mark mark a spell as Level II, and note the differences on your character sheet. However, you can only ever “Level-Up” a spell you already know the Level I version of. So, unless you have already selected a spell’s Level I version,  you won’t be able to jump straight to a Level II spell. Additionally, if you gain a new Level I spell, and gain a Level II spell, you cannot “double-up” and level up the new spell selected, you have to have known that spell level for the duration of your Character’s level.

In the next post, I will cover the one caveat to spells and the number of spells available to a player at a given point. It is a mechanic I am still working on, but it is called Lesser Spells, and is something I am a little proud of. But more on that soon.

Click here for the Spells mechanic or here for the Spell List

As always, feel free to ask questions or comment, and thanks for reading.

Be well all!


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