Lesser Abracadabra!!

In my last post, I made a nod to a caveat in the Spell system for HBRPG. 

I have felt that the point of the magic system is to be robust, and show that higher level casters are powerful, while at the same time not being able to overthrow every other game mechanic. So, how does it all work? Once you level up a spell above Level I, the spell levels below it become part of a collective Lesser Spell. So the entry in HBRPG can be found below as well as further clarification.

Lesser Spells

For each level spell below the current spell’s maximum Level, you gain the ability for a lesser spell. A lesser spell’s description is equal to half the description of Level I, and can be cast a number of times equal to the total number of uses among the lower spell levels divided by 2 and rounded up to the next whole number, with a minimum of 1 use per day. These Lesser Spells act the same way as a “Major” spell and are regained following a Long Rest.

So, let me clarify to make it a little easier. Say you just leveled the spell “Fireball” to Level II. You then gain a Lesser Fireball that hurls 1 Fireball and deals 1d6 damage which can be cast once per day. At Fireball Level III, your Lesser Fireball gains an additional use per day. At Fireball Level IV, your Lesser Fireball gains yet another use per day, meaning you can ultimately cast 3 Lesser Fireballs that deal 1d6 damage each.

These details of these Lesser Spells are found in the core rules, and have a table all their own. While more detail will be added, the basics can be found in the top Navigation under HBRPG Rules > Spells > Lesser Spells or by clicking here.

That’s all for now folks. Thanks for reading, and as always feel free to comment or ask questions if you feel inclined.

Be well all!


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