Short Rest > Long Rest

This is completely unintentional, I assure you. So, as it turns out, my short rest turned into a long rest. 

The puppy healed nicely and is back to his regular antics. In addition, we are now in the process of moving apartments. While still in the general area, we are spending the majority of our free time in packing and going back and forth before the big move day of this coming Saturday.

The good news is, though, we will be in for good before the weekend is out. The bad news is, it is moving, and let’s face it, moving is not the greatest when you are doing it on yourself.

However, I have good news (for those that managed to make it this far), I am planning on releasing a full copy of the Alpha. The copy to be posted up will be the exact one I used to pilot with my gaming friends while at Origins Game Fair 2016.

So why release it now? Why not. I am going to need as much feed back as I can muster, and let’s face it, the amount of buzz around this project is lacking at best. So why not try and generate some to see if folks are willing to give it a read.

Other versions will follow, but that is my update for now. I will post once the Alpha is up.


Thanks to those taking the time to read this, and sticking with me on things until I can spin it all up again.


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