For the GM…

While this post is not only for the eyes of any future GM’s out there, it will briefly cover what one can find in the GM section of the HBRPG Core Rules.  Continue reading


Game Re-skinning

While not part of the core rules, I felt it important to discuss why re-skinning a game is not only important, but massively needed in our little corner of gaming. Continue reading

Character Sheets are up!

Finally found them. and lo and behold, they weren’t on a flash drive at all. Rather, they were on my work laptop.  Regardless, they can be found in the site navigation under the HBRPG Rules…or, if you are feeling particularly lazy, you can click below to download and use them as you need. Keep in mind, they are a rough first pass that was used for the very first Alpha run, so they may get tweaked over time, but we will see how long until that happens.

Here is where you can find the sheets.

Thanks for reading, more on the horizon, and be well all!