An alpha release, and why the hell not?

I have been mulling it over for some time now as to whether I wanted to release the Alpha version that I used during Origins Game Fair 2016. or whether I would wait for a beta version to be ready. Well, I opted to release the Alpha. Granted I know this game will likely see its way into the hands of very few people, and the popularity of it may be nearly non-existent. But why the hell not share it. I put a lot of time and effort into it, and if even on person outside of myself and my fellow Con-game playing buddies, then it is a wild success.

Keep in mind, this version is the earliest version of the game I was able to release in time for the Con, and is by no means a finished product. There are gaps in the rules, and I had to make some of the stuff up on the fly.

Hope someone out there gets some use out of it. I will be planning on getting a copy of the beta out in the coming weeks, and will ask that if anyone opts to playtest, to give a bit of feed back, either here, or on twitter…or G+.

I have included only the .pdf version of the file here, or navigate to the HBRPG Rules in the top menu.

Once i can find the ever elusive character sheet, I will put a copy up for everyone to download as well.

Be well all, and here goes nothing…


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