Threads and Bling

Today, I will briefly touch on a standard RPG element of the gold system and basic equipment found in the game. Unsurprisingly, a majority of this is fairly common among most RPG systems. 

HBRPG uses, what I like to refer to as a “Base-10” gold system. It has 3 coins within the system represented by Gold, Silver, and Copper. The basic exchange between these currency levels is as follows:

1 Gold Piece(gp) = 10 Silver Pieces(sp)

1 Silver Piece(sp) = 10 Copper Pieces(cp)

Equipment, as many of you will already know, are the items you can use during your adventures in order to succeed at your tasks. Items like backpacks for carrying additional items, rope for climbing, rations to eat when in a pinch, and bedrolls to sleep on when camping out.

While the basic equipment list is currently small-ish, I am planning to add more items as the Beta gets developed further. You can find the Equipment and Coin section in the rules menu above, or by clicking here.

That about wraps up what I wanted to cover today, so I will leave it there. If you or a friend are playing with the rules, I am always open to feedback.

Be well all!


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