Inspiration: Tiered Armor

In keeping with the concept of sharing where my inspirations come from, this one should prove to be of little surprise. 

So, throughout my life I have been a fan of various pen and paper RPGs, and games of the computer variety. If you have heard anything of the latter, you are familiar with the concept of armor slots, and in some cases, armor tiers. I wanted to have an additional mechanic that revolved around the characters quest to not only better themselves, but to better what they are wearing.

When first starting out, adventurer’s tend to have little more than a step above rags on their back . So in my mind, it only made sense that a character could further their abilities through the various armor tiers, and with it, comes additional clout. Let’s face it, people judge books by their covers, and the higher in tier your character, the more likely they are to be recognized as a person to revere. In the video game world, few games these days don’t have some form of a mechanic that does this as well. Typically when looting, or purchasing a gear upgrade, it is from a vendor, or dead something or other. So i genuinely thought, if it works in a video game, why wouldn’t it work in a different game format?

The mechanic is optional, of course, if the GM chooses to focus more on the game play and campaign setting, they can opt to ignore this concept altogether and just stick to typical armor sets on the whole.  I can say, that the bonuses awarded by the full sets is a summation of the individual pieces of the set itself.

The level requirement of the gear itself is more for meta-gaming purposes, than it is for the character to identify their “level”. This is simply put in place to prevent all powerful and bonus awarding pieces of armor be worn by a level 2 character, and thus drastically skewing the other mechanics of the game in the players’ favor. While fun for that one player, the purpose of the game, in my mind, is to be truly enjoyable by  all sitting at the table.

Thanks for having a read folks, and be well. With current progress, I am planning to have a short portion of the GM section out in the coming week or so, and from there we will discuss beasts and some other ideas I have been toying with. Additionally, I am hoping to have the first Beta version out by the end of the summer.

P.S.:  My apologies to anyone (though unlikely) who are still waiting for a character sheet of sorts to be posted, I genuinely need to find a flash drive, but have not had a chance to go searching yet.


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