Game Re-skinning

While not part of the core rules, I felt it important to discuss why re-skinning a game is not only important, but massively needed in our little corner of gaming.

To start, and perhaps the most basic justification is to provide variety to our beloved world of tabletop RPGs. But I would argue the point to be of more importance than just variety, but rather to include how it will let the same system be used, even if in a different setting. Let’s face it, rules can be crunchy in terms of their complexity, so why would you need to learn a whole new set of rules just to shift your game to another setting?

In my mind, you shouldn’t have to. That is not saying that other systems aren’t great to play, or that any one system is the answer for all your gaming needs. I am saying that in some instances in a campaign, having the ability to suddenly be whisked from fantasy to space can be useful and lower potential confusion among the players. It also allows the same characters to be used in the different setting so that there is no potential “Lost In Translation” type of a moment between systems. Even further, it could help in saving the GM time with preparation if all he/she has to do is open an errata, and keep on creating their world.

I have been working on re-skinning Hausbrau to fit this sort of concept so that the game can fall into several genres of play without changing any of the core rules, which were written with Fantasy Role playing in mind. So far, I am only planning on re-skinning to the following genres initially. There is potential here for content creation if someone wants to throw their own hat into the ring as well.

  • Space /Sci-Fi
  • Horror (think CoC)
  • WWII
  • Modern
  • Post-Apocalyptic

These will be eventually releases as errata, and will be fully available for free for anyone to use.

That is pretty much it, please feel free to leave a comment below, or hit me up on Twitter @FlervaFlerv or on G+.

Thanks for reading and be well all!


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