For the GM…

While this post is not only for the eyes of any future GM’s out there, it will briefly cover what one can find in the GM section of the HBRPG Core Rules. 

Included in this section are lock picking skill checks, general skill checks and their difficulty. I have also put in optional rules for the off chance there is not a cleric in the party, and how a party can have the option of getting healed over time. And I mean, a mechanic in place aside from finding a cleric in town (although that could always be an option).

I have a few other ideas to flesh out, but those may have to wait until after the Beta is all done and wrapped up.

Future plans for this section may include the re-skinning details mentioned in the previous post (although I am not 100% on that one just yet), monster conversion recommendations, and a few optional rules.

So, the section is up on the top navigation for those that want to browse, or you can also click here.

As always, feel free to like, leave a comment, and toss out suggestions to me here, on Twitter @FlervaFlerv, or on G+.

Thanks for reading, folks, and be well!


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