Let the work continue…

No doubt it has been a little bit since my last update. But fear not, I have been diligently working in the background to bring some new things to light that I had not thought of previously.

Namely, a new class is being developed(more on that when it gets even closer to being fully fleshed out) alongside getting the Bestiary up and available for everyone. The issue there has been that a majority of the editing is being done via the WordPress app to make it more legible and easier to read. Once that is up, we should be close to the release of our first and very very early beta, which will not necessarily include everything in the past few posts,  but should be pretty close.

Game talk aside, my wedding is only 26 days away, and my excitement is building as we get closer to the date. In part my excitement is to be done with planning, and trying to balance everything as well as ensure people are able to get there to join us in the celebration, work, the fiancee has school full time, and we have a puppy that off and on likes to actually eat. My future wife, who has been extremely supportive of this endeavor from the beginning, has offered her help in fleshing some things out in terms of the new class.

More will follow, but I just wanted to put a note out that things are still moving forward, albeit slowly given the pending nuptials.

Be well all and thanks for reading!


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