A lack of alignment…

In this post, I discuss and justify my reasoning for not including character alignment as seen in some of the other big name games out there. While not all RPGs include this for their characters, I still feel it is worth noting.

For starters, I feel as if there is a disconnect in some games with how you are able to interact with folks. The Good tend to fight the bad…at least for the most part, right? So why would a party consist of “Good” and “Bad” players, if they would have been constantly at odds? And from the perspective of both sides of that coin, they are the “Good” ones and those who oppose are “Bad”. Options are not so black and white as D&D often points out, but in some cases, this is another level of a character that is not always needed. Just because someone is Chaotic Evil does not mean they would always wander around as a serial arsonist. On the flip side, a Lawful Good character should be devoted to always being such, but in some adventures, it would require committing crimes that are easier as a player to just go along with, such as B&E.

So, I opted to leave character alignment out of Hausbrau. I want the players to not have to come in to a game with the constant question nagging in their mind of if their actions work with their alignment. Rather, I want to leave a character’s personality development to be in the hands of the player.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there can always be a conflict among a group in terms of how to go about things, but I woul rather that be based on the developed “morality” of the character and not driven by some black text on a page that pushes to dictate how a character should be represented.

That’s about it for now. Sorry for the long as hell break, folks, things are slowing a bit, so I am hoping to get some more content out more frequently. There is still a new class being finalized, and should be ready in time for the Beta later this year. As always, hit me up with comments, questions, or suggestions. I can be found on Twitter, G+, or drop a comment on the post.

Thanks for reading, and be well all!


2 thoughts on “A lack of alignment…

  1. I think people have been playing RPGs long enough that we don’t need buckets of varying morality to place our characters in as an aid in roleplaying. However, if game mechanics involved concepts like “Protection from Evil” or weapons that do additional damage to Good, etc – then you get put into a grey area.

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    • Agreed. It would be better to change up the wording and terminology to be almost more generic. Maybe go along the lines of Detecting Foes, rather than specifying an “alignment” of what one is trying to find. Part of the beta is to address some of those issues within the Spell List…Rather than Detect Good/Evil, it is more Detect Foes. Radiant Light/Darkest Night are still up for debate 🙂


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