Character Creation

Character Creation

To create a character, perform the following steps:

  1. Roll 3d6 four times in a row and note the values on your character sheet.
  2. Your class is determined by the highest rolled stat found in the table below.
  3. Note your Attribute Modifier on your character sheet.
  4. Determine your Hit Points (HP) by rolling the number of dice identified in your class table.
  5. Note your class modifier and skill bonuses on your character sheet.
  6. Note your character’s special abilities and movement speed on your character sheet.
  7. Note your character’s starting equipment on your character sheet
  8. Note your starting weapon’s damage in the attacks area on your character sheet.
  9. Note your starting armor’s AC bonus value to your character sheet.
  10. Roll for gold by rolling the amount of dice identified in your class description.
  11. Purchase additional Armor / Weapons / Adventuring gear.
  12. Get to adventuring!

You can either follow the old-school style of rolling 3d6 in order, or arrange values to suit your taste. The GM should be the one to offer guidance on how they would like to work character creation.

When creating a character, the dice decide not only the fate of your stat rolls, but also the class you will end up playing. Refer to the table below to determined what the dice have chosen for your class. Each class has defined a series of abilities that become available as you level through the ranks.


Highest Rolled Stat Class Assigned
Strength Fighter
Intelligence Cleric, Mage, Druid
Agility Thief
Constitution Paladin

If you have a tie on any attributes, you can ultimately choose one of the classes you would prefer to play. It is recommended, however, that you see what the party may need and fill any missing roles to better round out the group. But that is your call, I am not going to tell you what to do.


Roll 1 Hit die for each character level (found in your class table), and add any bonuses to your base stats from your class description.

Hit die + Constitution bonus + any class bonuses

Be sure to note any class special abilities on your character sheet. Such as Taunt for the Paladin or Shield Bash for the Fighter.

 Saving Throws

Mind = Your Intellect bonus

Reaction = Your Agility bonus

Body = Your Constitution bonus


To calculate your AC, use the following formula:

AC = 3d6 + Any class bonus + any armor value


Leveling Up

In order to level up in Hausbrau, your character must earn the proper amount of experience as shown in the table below.

Once they have reached a level, the players will need to go through the process of leveling up their character by doing the following:

  1. Roll an additional Hit Die as found in your class table, and add it to your existing total hit points.
    1. If you would rather play it safe and not roll, you can choose to take 3 + your Constitution bonus.
  2. Select new spells as identified by the Mage and Cleric spell tables or increase the level of an already known spell by 1 level.
  3. Increase any stat identified by your class’ table.
  4. Note any increases to your class’s special abilities.


 Level Experience Requirements

Level XP   Level XP
1 0 11 1900
2 100 12 2200
3 220 13 2520
4 360 14 2860
5 520 15 3220
6 700 16 3600
7 900 17 4000
8 1120 18 4420
9 1360 19 4860
10 1620 20 5320