Equipment and Coin


The gold system is based off the base-10 gold system. It is very familiar if you have played any number of RPGs in the past. At character creation, each player will roll the starting money value found in their class description. The monetary system goes something like this:

1 Gold Piece(gp) = 10 Silver Pieces(sp)

1 Silver Piece(sp) = 10 Copper Pieces(cp)

Equipment: As in all RPGs, you need to use equipment in-game to accomplish your goals. This system will use a mechanic that has the players roll against their attacks. Why, you ask? Why not…why not have some flair of random come into play in a combat session. Not everything can go to plan when fighting, and this simple tweak on the normal rules can make for some serious fun. Your GM can opt to use either ascending or descending AC, as they see fit.

The equipment outlined in the tables (here) will give the value for both ascending and descending to make things a bit easier.

Equipment Table

Item Name Cost
Backpack 2 gp
Bedroll 1 gp
Candles (x5) 5 cp
Crowbar 2 gp
Flint & Steel 30 cp
Grappling Hook 1 gp
Holy Symbol 10 gp
Holy Water 20 gp
Lantern 10 gp
Mirror 5gp
Oil Flask 2 sp
Pole, 10 ft. 10 cp
Rope 15cp
Torch 1 cp