Game Systems:

Basic Fantasy

D6 System

Delving Deeper

Dungeon Crawl Classics


Kill it with Fire



Crawl! fanzine– A fanzine to include new patrons, classes, and more!

People Them With Monsters – Excellent resources for DCC RPG. They have resource sheets, adventures, and character sheets to help ease the experience of getting in to the DCC system.

Purple Sorcerer– Character generators for both level 0s and for upper levels, Crawler Companion app for iOS, Android, and browser. He also has some rockin’ adventures! Seriously, this guy has some awesome stuff!

RPG StackExchange – A collection of community driven Q&A in regards to all things RPG.



Dave’s Mapper– A very handy means of being able to generate a large variety of randomly generated maps over a variety of settings!

GridMapper – Another great example of a web-based mapping tool. Allows you to save and export as well!

G+ Communities:

Dungeon Crawl Classics G+ Community – This community site is thriving! Excellent source of inspiration, rules, adventures, items, spells and more!

Roll20 G+ Community – If you haven’t heard of Roll 20 by now, you should check it out. Think of it being the ultimate tool for online virtual tabletop gaming!