RPG Tools

Below is a short list of some of the free online-based tools I have been working on for players and GMs alike. They all use Google Docs or Sheets, etc, and are freely available for anyone to use or mirror. Each tool will have a list of ways to access the files. if you feel like downloading them for yourself or mirroring by copying, feel free to do so! if you find an issue with anything, let me know!

Check back soon, as I plan on releasing more free tools for use with various systems.

RPG Gold Calculator – Quick and easy divvying up of those precious coins between the number of party members.

  • Click here to open in Google Docs (Share, copy, or download as you see fit)
DCC Men and Magicians Creator – Generate NPCs to fill your world! From Berserkers to Magicians and Kings.
  • Click here to open in Google Docs (only option available, sorry)
DCC Monster Creator – Generate any of the monster found in the core rule book by just making a selection from a drop-down menu! (Currently excludes Dragon creation, as that will be a separate tool)
  • Click here to open in Google Docs (only option available, sorry)