Lesser Spells

As a means of further balancing caster classes, it would become wholly unbalanced to allow casters to have all levels of all spells at their disposal. If the rules allowed casters to use all available spell levels, then they would essentially have unlimited casting abilities. So, as a means to offset this potential imbalance in power, there is the Lesser Spell mechanic.

A Lesser Spell is composed of each lower level version of a spell after the spell has been leveled-up. These Lesser versions of a spell can be used during any normal action, and in addition to a normal attack action during a combat round. Just like their major spell counterparts, Lesser Spells are regained following a successful long rest (see Resting).

Lesser Spell List

Lesser Spell Name Description Uses at main Spell Level II Uses at main Spell Level III Uses at main Spell Level IV
Blessing You bestow one of the following to a target for 30 minutes:

  1. +2 Temporary HP
  2. +1 to attack and +1d3
  3. +1 to 1 Skill
1 1 2
Bolster 1 target gains +1 to attack and damage rolls for 5 minutes 1 2 3
Conjure Food and Water You create enough food and water to feed 1d2 friendly creatures 1 2 3
Detect Evil/Good Detect evil or good presence for 1d3 minutes 1 2 3
Detect Magic Roll 1d6, a result of 4 or higher will allow the caster to detect magic items and auras for up to 15 minutes 1 2 3
Entrapping Roots Target is ensnared for 1 turn, and gains +3 to each subsequent save from Lesser Entrapping Roots 1 1 2
Falling Star 1 small star falls fad deals 1d3 1 1 2
Feverbolt 1 bolt deals 1d3 damage, and an additional 1d3 damage at the start of the targets next turn. 1 1 2
Fireball 1 Fireball is hurled and deals 1d6 damage 1 2 3
Fly Roll 2d6, on a roll of 8+, you or a target can fly for up to 2 minutes. 1 2 3
Fog Roll 3d6, a result of 9+, a blanket of fog covers a 15′ area. Attacks occurring in the fog receive a -2 disadvantage. Creatures starting their turn in the fog take 1d2 damage. The fog cloud lasts 1d3 minutes. 1 1 2
Frostbolt 1 Frostbolt is thrown for 1d3 damage 1 1 2
Gust of Wind Creature is knocked back 5′. 1 1 2
Heal Heals 1d3 damage 1 2 4
Invisibility Lasts 1d3 rounds 1 2 3
Lightning Bolt 1 Bolt id arced to a target dealing 1d3 damage 1 2 3
Magic Missile 1 missile is thrown for 1d3 damage 1 2 3
Magus Armor The Mage can wrap himself or a friendly target in a shield that will absorb up to 1d6 + INT bonus damage. Lasts for 3 hours 1 1 2
Mind Control Target is controlled for 1 turn 1 2 3
Poison Spores 1 spore emits a cloud of poison and deals 1d3 to any creature that begins their turn in the cloud. Spore dissipates when it deals damage to a creature. 1 2 3
Radiant Light / Darkest Night 1d3 damage is dealt 1 3 4
Ray of Acid Deals 1d3 damage and an additional 1d3 additional damage for 1d3 rounds. 1 2 3
Send Message Message can be sent up to 50 miles away 1 2 3
Spider Climb Only the caster gains spider climb for 2 minutes 1 2 3
Teleport 1 target can be teleported up to 25′ away 1 2 3